Malaysian Press Institute (MPI), a premier training centre for Malaysian journalists is now offering short courses for the professionals, academicians and public who are keen to further enhance their skills and knowledge in the related fields of journalism.

The courses offering until end of this year: Power Up Your Presentation with Infographic, Feature / Narrative Writing Workshop and Bengkel Penulisan Media Berkesan are offered with significant objectives as below:

  • To understand the importance of infographic, plan a basic infographic using the suitable graphic, colours and fonts and present facts in eye-catching presentation using PowerPoint or WPS Presentation;
  • To show how to get into the skin of the subject you are writing about for a feature or an interview story, and how to write it interestingly; to learn how to use the techniques of fiction to write interesting news features and to learn the power of telling stories; to learn the do’s and don’ts of good writing, effective interviewing techniques, how to make your writing flow, how to tap into your imagination and how to write from your heart; also you’ll be learning on how writing stories about real experiences that will grab the attention of your readers and make them read on;
  • To enhance effective writing techniques for the media, understanding the jargon word, its approach & writing style.

We have carefully selected a group of trainers who have worked in the media field a long time with outstanding experience and also renowned public practitioners who would be able to impart excellent and pertinent knowledge in the said courses.

Hence, it is our great pleasure to invite managers / executives / officers in the field of Public Relations, Corporate Communication and Marketing from your esteemed organization to join any related training by returning us the attached participation form with name of candidates via email to norhafiza_mpi@yahoo.com / trainingmpi2945@gmail.com. Attached herewith are the brochures for each course for your kind perusal.

Power Up Your Presentation With Infographic

Feature & Narrative Writing Workshop

Bengkel Penulisan Media Berkesan

Kindly be informed, Malaysian Press Institute (MPI) is a registered Training Provider with Pembangunan Sumber Manusia Berhada (PSMB) with registration number TP10001678 and Series number 769513V. Meals and course materials are provided during each course and group registration for 2 pax and above will be entitled for 5% discount.

Should you require further information, please email to Puan Fiza / Puan Ambia / Puan Kama : norhafiza_mpi@yahoo.com / trainingmpi2945@gmail.com / kamariah_mpi@yahoo.com or call at 03-8689 2717 / 18 / 19.