IJF 2013 developed friendship beyond superficial borders

The sixth International Journalism Fellowship (IJF) programme was held from September 2 – October 1, 2013. Eighteen participants from different media background and countries congregated in Kuala Lumpur to share their experience and knowledge, learn from each other’s cultures and explore ways to improve their skills in journalism.

The core speakers for this programme were Dr. D.J. Clark and Dr. Eric Loo. Dr. D.J. Clark is the course leader of MA International Multimedia Journalism at University of Bolton & Beijing Foreign Studies University, Beijing, China. He is the University Director of Visual Journalism at the Asia Centre for Journalism and also a Multimedia reporter for China Daily, Beijing, China.

For three consecutive years D.J. Clark had shared his knowledge in photo and multi media journalism with the IJF participants. Topics that he covered were; basic photography, video capturing, audio voice over, planning and designing multimedia delivery platforms.

Dr. Eric Loo, is a senior lecturer (Journalism) at the University of Wollongong, Australia and a columnist for Malaysiakini and the Edge (Malaysia). He is also the Editor of Asia Pacific Media Educator.  He has been involved with the IJF since 2009.

A number of renowned and experienced local journalists were also invited as guest speakers. They were Mr. T Selva, associate editor, The Star; Mr. Kee Thuan Chye, former associate editor, The Star, Ms. B.K. Sidhu, editor of Business Desk, The Star and Mr. S.N. Rajan, former executive editor of Bernama.

Ms. Li Li Chin, program officer from the International Committee of  the Red Cross (ICRC) gave an insight on the International Humanitarian Law (IHL) that touched on a set of rules relevant to conflict zones reporting.

Ms. Eriko Motoyama, program director of Slope Watch from the Public Works Department shared her experience and knowledge in landslides during the Reporting on Natural Disaster module.

Mr. Harvey Sernovitz, information officer from the U.S. Embassy in Kuala Lumpur helped out on the research methodology especially on the online research. Tips for engaging government leaders.

The training program was very intensive that covered these areas: higher level reporting and interviewing, multi-media journalism, photo-journalism, and media ethics and the law.

Apart from lectures and hands-on workshops, the programme was designed to strike a balance between work and leisure. The fellows visited Langkawi Island and Melaka so participants could enjoy the fascinating sights, the food and meet people of Malaysians from different cultures.

The core of the fellowship was that they have all developed friendships that went beyond superficial borders like race, nationality and beliefs.

The programme was officially closed by Mr. T Selva, who is also one of MPI’s Council of Administration on October 2, 2013. In his speech he said “You are all very lucky to be given the chance to follow the program because not only that you enhanced your journalism skills but also the network and friendships that you have established that went beyond superficial borders like race, nationality and beliefs”.

Also present were, Dato Chamil Wariya, CEO of  MPI, Datuk Mustapha Omar, group editor, Harian Metro, Tuan Syed Anuar Syed Ali, Senior General Manager Group Corporate Communication and Marketing Services AmBank and Tuan Syed Agil Syed Jaafar, editorial manager, Utusan Melayu.

This year’s best lady fellow was awarded to Vu Thuy Vi from Vietnam while Jefry Corullo Canoy (Philippines) and Eric Kristopher (RTM Sarawak) were the best male fellows.

Rashid Nabeel Yacoob Alhamer (Bahrain), Llyod Gumbo (Zimbabwe), Jonathan Aaron Chia Tze Min (Borneo Post) and Premananthini a/p Chandrasegaran (NST) were awarded as the most predicative fellows.

After the closing ceremony, Llyod Gumbo a journalist from Zimbabwe and Jefry Corullo Canoy, ABS-CBN broadcast journalist (The Philippines) gave their views on what they have gained from the IJF program.

Lloyd said: “It would be impossible to quantify what I have gained from this program, but if I were to try, it would be ‘a whole lot.’ I learnt many tips and tricks which would help me greatly in my career, especially the Multimedia Journalism and Photojournalism modules of the course. And perhaps more abstractly, I found great value in learning from my fellow journalists from other countries, I learnt about how media works in their country, and what difficulties they face. At the same time, I got to share my challenges and my obstacles as a journalist in Zimbabwe, and together find solutions to our problems, and that has been of most value to me”.

Jefry Corullo Canoy said “The most enriching part of the IJF 2013 was being able to learn how journalism is practised in different countries. It is like seeing journalism with more dimensions. Being exposed to a different culture was fun but what made it more interesting was sharing the experience with like-minded individuals– journalists and writers. Likewise, equally gained are the contacts and friends made from the fellowship. The fellowship may have lasted four weeks, but I look forward to cherishing the multicultural ties we’ve made as friends for many years to come”.

Closing ceremony photo album

1. Nor Diana Azis (Utusan Malaysia) and Jefrey Canoy (Philippines)…emcee for the day.

2. Lloyd Gumbo delivering his speech on behalf of the 18 IJF 13 participants.

3. Mr. T. Selva delivering the IJF 2013 closing speech

4. International Journalism Fellowship 2013 closing ceremony.

5. Rashid Nabeel Yacoob Alhamer (Bahrain) receiving the certificate of attendance from Mr. T. Selva.

6. Lloyd Gumbo (Zimbabwe) receiving the certificate of attendance from Mr. T. Selva. 

7. Vu Thuy Vi (Vietnam) receiving the certificate of attendance from Mr. T. Selva witnessed by  Dato’ Chamil Wariya (right).

8. Monika Dilihari Bandra Waidiyarathna Sundarapperuma Mudiyanselage  (Sri Lanka) receiving the certificate of attendance from Mr. T. Selva. 

9. IJF Fellows After the closing ceremony. Seated from left,  Llyod Gumbo (Zimbabwe), Jefrey Canoy (Philippines), Nor Diana Azis (Utusan Malaysia), Eric Kristopher (RTM Sarawak) and Suresheka (Sri Lanka).

Standing from left, Muhammad Arasy (TV3), Jeannyora (RTM Sabah), Monika (Sri Lanka), Danny Kein Wah Shee (China Press), Jonathan (Borneo Post), Hafizi (KOSMO!), Ahmad Farith (TV9), Rashid Nabeel Yacoob Alhamer (Bahrain), Vu Thuy Vi (Vietnam), Zaitie (Harian Metro), Farol Hadi (Utusan Karya) and Mohd Nasaruddin (Berita Harian).

10. Group picture taken after the program closure. Seated from left, Maimunah Abd Rashid, MPI, Datuk Mustapha Omar, group editor, Harian Metro, Mr. T Selva, associate editor The Star, Dato’ Chamil Wariya, CEO of  MPI, Tuan Syed Anuar Syed Ali, Senior General Manager Group Corporate Communication and Marketing Services AmBank and Tuan Syed Agil Syed Jaafar, editorial manager, Utusan Melayu.

Standing from left, Muhammad Arasy (TV3), Jefrey Canoy (Philippines), Prema (NST), Jeannyora (RTM Sabah), Monika (Sri Lanka), Danny Kein Wah Shee (China Press), Jonathan (Borneo Post), Llyod Gumbo (Zimbabwe), Hafizi (KOSMO!), Ahmad Farith (TV9), Mohd. Nasaruddin (Berita Harian), Rashid Nabeel Yacoob Alhamer (Bahrain), Vu Thuy Vi (Vietnam), Nor Diana Azis (Utusan Malaysia), Zaitie (Harian Metro), Suresheka (Sri Lanka), Farol Hadi (Utusan Karya), Eric (RTM Kuching) and Mohd Nasaruddin (Berita Harian).