Invitation to infographics training workshop

Sharp, short and snappy content with emphasis on design is finding takers because web is taking over media dominance. Though major publications have been featuring infographics for decades, it is only now that there is shift in style and type makes content stands out.

Today, the media needs are centered around looks, without compromising on the content, which is pushing designers and journalists to scale new boundaries. Writers need to be trained to think visually at the time of writing their stories. The desk needs to realise the benefits of splicing the text through graphics which embellish the story. Designers need to work on layouts with visual elements to get the right balance and aesthetics in place.

Realising the importance of visuals in media in improving readership, we at the Malaysian Press Institute (MPI), will be offering a three day workshop (15-17 April, 2013) on infographics for editorial, desk design team who are keen to further enhance their skills and knowledge in this field. The cost the workshop is RM2, 000.00 only.

Our main objectives are:-

  1. To enhance ideas in generating small and large visuals within tight deadlines and to have a clear idea of “Do’s” and Don’ts” while executing important info graphics by using new tools and technology.
  2. The designers will be able to use info graphics in the right proportion of the page, with the right type of fonts, colours, visuals and illustrations.
  3. To ensure that the desk team will be able to work with design teams on the visual elements to go with the story, be it pictures, infographics, illustrations rising the quality of the final page.

Course out line

  • Importance of Visuals in Media
  • Role of Infographics in improving readership
  • Types and dimensions of Infographics
  • Conversion of long stories into infographics
  • Ideal modus-operandi for a visual journalist
  • Use of software (Raster, Vector, Anatomy)
  • Practice sessions on simple infographics
  • Composition of graphics team and its coordination with editorial
  • Preparing graphics style for newspaper
  • Making a good graphics (colours, style, typography, information)
  • Where graphics are most effective
  • On the spot infographics making training and exercise.


We have carefully selected a trainer, Jai Kumar Sharma from Asia Media Design, India, who has a vast experience of 22 years in visual journalism. He was working as Graphics Editor with the Economic Times (World’s second highest selling business newspaper) before setting up Asia Media Design. As graphics editor, he successfully launched several projects, written extensively on travel and environment, designed number of newspapers, magazines, coffee table books and cartographed various map projects. He conducted “Graphics and Design Training Workshops” for various international media houses in Europe, Asia and Africa.

Hence, it is our great pleasure to invite participations from your esteemed organisation to this training by returning us the attached participation form with names of candidates via fax no: 03-20952015 before April 1st, 2013.

Should you have any queries, please do not hesitate to call Puan Fiza or Maimunah at 03-20952013/14 or email to

Best regards,


Chief Executive Officer

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