Photojournalism and Multimedia Journalism Workshop 2012

MPI Photojournalism Workshop – 20-22 June 2012

MPI Multimedia Journalism        – 25-29 June 2012

Malaysian Press Institute (MPI) will be organizing two workshops this June on Photojournalism and Multimedia Journalism. Photojournalism, it is a three day program that is designed to broaden and enhances skills in photography. It takes participants through stages from setting up camera to practical shooting to postproduction and editing.

Multimedia Journalism is a five day intensive program designed to provide working journalists with a broad perspective and skills to undertake cross platform multimedia journalistic projects. It combines both practical and hands-on exercise.

Participation is not restricted only to journalists but it is also open to interested individuals who have passion, interest and actively taking part in the media convergence.


  1. To gain the skills and confidence journalists need to make their mark on one the world’s fastest-changing industries, leading the media from the front;
  2. To think creatively about the future of the media and find answers to some of the big questions;
  3. To be able to employ a variety of tools and technologies in the field to report news in a multimedia manner;
  4. To focus on practical multimedia skills such as blogging and social networking, digital audio and podcasting, and shooting and editing of digital photos and videos.

Please call Puan Fiza or Puan Maimunah at 03-2095 2013/14 or email to or